Vera Hughes and David Weller
offer a selection of Quality Presentations suitable for:
Literary Groups  *  History societies  *  Women's Institutes  * Townswomen's Guilds
University of the Third Age  *  Retirement Associations  *  Probus Clubs

Since 1999 they have performed to over 36,500 audience members - and are still counting!

The story of Florence Nightingale
by Vera Hughes

Do you know…
  • Why she was called Florence?
  • What her family life was like?
  • Why she never married?
  • What she did at Scutari?
  • What she did after Scutari?
  • Where she is buried?

She was a remarkable and difficult woman, who had many good connections in high places, and who was never afraid to use them. 

Supported by her cousin, Henry Bonham Carter, she did so much for public health reform during her long and eventful life.

She died in 1910 at the age of 90

In 2020 CELEBRATE the bicentenary of her birth

Sir Stenson and Lady Cooke describe the creation of the Automobile Association and reveal many of the ground-breaking innovations in the new world of motoring.
They introduced village signs, explanatory traffic signs and, of course, their famous star system for hotels and inns.
This is the story of how it all began.

This will be of interest to any motorist who has ever needed service, direct, immediate and personal.

P.S. Non-motorists will find it equally fascinating!

Marjorie: a Carer's story
by Vera Hughes

This story is about the commitment which those who care for sufferers have to make twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Marjorie cares for her husband, Bill, who suffers from dementia.

We follow her journey from diagnosis through Bill’s wayward memory to the distressing end of the story.

We laugh with Marjorie and Bill when funny things happen (how on earth did Bill come to put his slippers in the oven?)

We join Marjorie as she copes with her diminishing lifestyle.

Chaucer's Canterbury Tales are as true to life now as they were when he wrote them in the 14th century.

Tales from the Wife of Bath; the Pardoner; the Nun's Priest; the Merchant; the Miller etc. spring to life in this entertaining selection of tales

Chaucer's pilgrims become modern day storytellers on the cruise ship Canberra.

The Triumphs and Tribulations of the Pickwick Club

Enjoy this light-hearted entertainment as we follow some of
the adventures of Mr Pickwick and his friends.

Why is Mr Pickwick sued for breach of promise of marriage?

Will Mr Tupman win the lady of his affections?
Is Mr Winkle adept in the sports of the field?
Who will act as Mr Winkle's second in the duel?
Why is Mr Jingle confined in the Fleet prison?

Relish the fun and humour of Charles Dickens

In this presentation we explore Hardy the man, his childhood, his career and his successful social climbing

We include extracts from some of his novels and poems

We ask what made him so inwardly private, so outwardly popular.

What was the essence of
Thomas Hardy - Wessex Man?

Hardy's birthplace in Higher Bockhampton

David Weller

recalls his time of performing ...

a play a week

An entertaining and nostalgic look at David's own experiences as a member of various residential repertory companies.

You will hear about: a typical working week; employers; people; audiences; plays; the grind behind the glamour.

Reflections of a way of life that began over a century ago through the driving force of a powerful Victorian lady and which sadly no longer exists.

Dickens at Christmas

Enjoy some well-known Dickens characters and episodes, and others not so familiar, including:
‘Oliver Twist’, who asks for more
Dancing at Dingley Dell in ‘Pickwick Papers’
The terrifying Magwitch in ’Great Expectations’
Courtship by Cucumber in ‘Nicholas Nickleby’
The four ghosts of ‘A Christmas Carol’

... and a touching non-Dickens story!

Charles Dickens

An entertaining collection of stories poems and anecdotes with a festive theme

We invite you, among other things, to:

  • Discover some intriguing Christmas facts
  • Marvel at a Victorian recipe for hare soup
  • Smile at Mrs Peerybingle's obstinate kettle
  • Identify with modern-day family Christmas situations seen from two points of view
  • Learn how to write your thank you letters.