I know a man who can’

Sir Stenson and Lady May Cooke relate the creation, birth and first thirty years of the Automobile Association.

As well as anecdotes and gossip, interesting insights into his own life are revealed while a house guest of Lady Dorothy Long in 1690.


Some of Chaucer’s entertaining tales, freely adapted by Vera Hughes for the 21st century, present Chaucer’s pilgrims as modern day storytellers.

Written by Vera Hughes


Marjorie cares for her husband, Bill. We witness life from her point of view, and on the twenty-four seven commitment she has to make.



A selection of seasonal writings by Charles Dickens presented as a dramatised reading in Victorian costume - as Dickens himself used to do.

'the Victorian story'

Based on the best-selling sensation novel by Mrs Henry Wood, it is the moving and dramatic story of how one woman’s life is influenced by the behaviour of other women.

'the story of
Florence Nightingale'

Florence Nightingale was so much more than just ‘The Lady with the Lamp’. This is a celebration of all that she achieved in the 90 years of her fascinating life.


A conversation piece in two scenes, where the Windermeres' secrets are revealed years after the original near-disaster involving the fan of Lady Windermere.


The Triumphs and Tribulations of the Pickwick Club

We follow some of the adventures of Mr Pickwick and his friends. Relish the fun, humour and pathos of Charles Dickens.


Yuletide Tales

An entertaining collection of stories, poems and anecdotes with a festive theme.