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Yuletide Tales

This is a collection of stories, poems and anecdotes with a festive theme. Our ‘Dickens at Christmas’ dramatised reading has been so popular, we have compiled this additional seasonal offering to entertain your club or society.

We invite you, among other things, to: discover some intriguing Christmas facts; consider the hazards of taking a Christmas bath; marvel at a Victorian recipe for hare soup; smile at Mrs Peerybingle's obstinate kettle; enjoy modern-day Christmas situations seen from two points of view; find out why Christmas Eve thieves couldn't stop sneezing; learn how to write our thank you letters.


What audience members have said:

  • “I really enjoyed the evening.”
  • I loved the one about the kettle.”
  • The scene with the younger and older couple rang a bell with me. ”
  • We especially enjoyed the reading of the carols.”
  • A very entertaining evening.”