A Carer's Story

by Vera Hughes

Marjorie cares for her husband, Bill, who suffers from dementia.
We follow her journey from diagnosis through Bill’s wayward
memory to the distressing end of the story.

We laugh with Marjorie and Bill when funny things happen
(how on earth did Bill come to put his slippers in the oven?)
We join Marjorie as she copes with her diminishing lifestyle.

This story is about the commitment which those
who care for sufferers from dementia 
have to make twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

This is Marjorie’s story.


What audience members have said:

‘You both gave such a strong performance.’

‘It was a wonderful evening.’

‘I loved the humour you wove throughout.’


‘Beautifully written and performed.’

‘Full of humour and pathos.’