Vera Vera Hughes MA is an acknowledged international speaker on many topics. Trained at LCTS, her background as an actor, director, trainer and writer enables her to be an entertaining speaker to groups ranging from small clubs and societies to large corporations. Her voice and warm personality allow her to inform, enliven and stimulate audiences; she is very much in demand, and welcome wherever she appears.







David David Weller is an international speaker, presenter and actor. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas of the entertainment industry, including film, commercials and television as well as theatre, where he began learning his craft in weekly repertory and provincial theatre.


David Weller presents:

‘a play a week’

I invite you to share an entertaining and nostalgic look at my days as a member of resident repertory companies, who performed a different play each week.

You will hear about my own experiences of:

  • A typical working week
  • Audiences
  • Employers
  • Plays
  • People
  • Facts and fictions
  • The grind behind the glamour.

This talk is full of interesting anecdotes about a fascinating way of life which began over a century ago through the driving force of a powerful Victorian lady and which, sadly, no longer exists.